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“Embrace the Path, Not Just the Destination.”

Where Passion Guides, Character Animator & Creative Designer Transform.


Born in Chennai - A humble beginning.

I was born in Chennai, a serene haven for retirees, evolving into the vibrant Silicon Valley of India.

My father worked in Govt office DMS and my mother was a homemaker. I was 6 years old when we lost my mom. my grand father and grand mother rallied around me and my Brothers, and worked hard through tough times to bring us up.

Newborn Baby


School Years - Unveiling the Inner Artist

The first memory I have of acknowledging the artist within me goes back to when I was merely 9 years old. I had sketched draw for greeting card for teachers and something that caught the attention of everyone around me, and that very moment, I knew I possessed something extraordinary.

Though I wasn't the top student in class, my participation in various art competitions and subsequent victories made me a well-known figure in Hostel.

Artist Painting


CollegeYears - Not make it my life, But Studied Art of Animation

During my college years, I delved into the captivating world of animation, not to merely make it my life's pursuit, but to passionately study and learned master the art of animation.

Writing in Notepad


My Dream comes true, got job in animation studios

Entering the doors of the animation studio, I couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder and excitement, knowing that my dream had finally come true. The vibrant atmosphere, filled with creativity and innovation, was the perfect backdrop for my journey into the world of animation.

As I stepped into my new role, I was greeted by a team of talented and passionate artists who shared the same love for bringing characters to life through the magic of animation.

My days were filled with captivating projects and assignments, where I had the opportunity to work on various aspects of animation, from character Animation and storyboarding to 3D animation. The studio provided access to cutting-edge technology and software, enabling me to unleash my creativity and push the boundaries of my artistic abilities.

Working alongside industry veterans was an invaluable experience. Their guidance and feedback not only honed my technical skills but also inspired me to think differently and experiment with my ideas. I found myself learning something new every day, and that continuous growth was deeply fulfilling.

Image by Prateek Katyal
Image by Austin Distel


Marriage - The Joyous Commencement of a Beautiful Journey.

At 26, the love of my life, Kavitha, and I got married. She is kind of my relative.

Entering the bonds of matrimony, I found myself at the threshold of a blissful new chapter in life. The wedding day marked the commencement of a journey filled with happiness, love, and cherished moments.

Hindu Wedding Ritual

2005 -2010

Blessed with Two Precious Gifts: A Boy and a Girl

Our family was graced with the arrival of two wonderful kids - a bouncing baby boy and a little princess. From the moment they came into our lives, they brought an abundance of joy, love, and laughter that filled our hearts with immense happiness.

Brother and Sister

1997- 2022 - Professional Experience

I'm curious, empathetic, and experimental.

I appreciate a holistic way of solving design problems in collaborative teams. I like accelerated methodologies. Thinking quick, rapid prototyping, and learning through testing but not discounting a designer's intuition. 

I craft meaningful and user friendly experiences that are aligned with business objectives and goals of the company through Design Thinking, Experience & Strategy Design.


Creating Animation & Visualization concept using AR / VR Build according to the latest technologies. I have a good 21+ years industry experience, working across many different fields ranging from 3D Animation, interactive, UI/UX, connected product interfaces, software & application design, brand identity and interactive AR/VR Emerging Technologies. 


"I'm a firm believer that simple is hard. And that design is truly about problem solving and making people's lives better."

"" My special thanks to my family, friends, colleagues and my mentors, for all your support.

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