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Drives Every Key,

Stroke and Pixel.

21+ Years of Creative Mastery: Creative Director, Animation Supervisor, Designer. With two decades of experience, I've led creative endeavors for major corporations, contributed to diverse animation series, and crafted immersive VR experiences for expos and Digital Experience Centers.

SCROLL - [ 1997 - 2024]



I'm Ramesh Vijayakumar, I'm curious, empathetic, and experimental.

Hello, I'm a Creative Director / Animator / Product Visualizer/ Senior User Experience Designer at enjoy where i create products, VR Experiences and Brands. Collaborating with Diverse Industry Leaders - From Healthcare and Energy to Packaging and IT - Elevating Product Experiences.You can find me always listen about design, exploring art across the world , expanding my skills reach and enjoying family time.


Skills at a Glance:
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