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“Bringing Imagination to Life. Conceptualizing Unforgettable Experiences.”

Together, they form an unstoppable force, transforming ideas into captivating visual journeys. Embrace the magic of their artistry and watch your visions come alive!

Image by Minh Pham

I have been working as a Character Animator for feature films and 3D series. Currently, I hold the position of Creative Director at Bumo3dr in India. Over the past 12 years, I have had the privilege of creating digital experiences and solutions for prominent brands in the Medical, Adhesive, and Oil and Gas industries.

Passionate about technology, I thrive at the intersection of branding and digital product design. My journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, driven by a deep love for bringing stories to life through animation.

Having worked on a diverse range of projects, I take pride in my ability to infuse personality and emotion into the characters I animate. This journey of mine continues to be fueled by creativity, innovation, and a dedication to crafting unforgettable digital experiences."

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